How to fix your TV if it has a Cracked or Broken screen


If you are reading this, you may have accidentally or intentionally damaged the screen of your TV (LCD, LED, Plasma). Now if you are looking for a solution to fix this problem, check out our recommendations:

First: If your TV does not have a cracked screen and the problem has just appeared on its own, you may be able to fall back on the TV manufacturer’s warranty. If your TV screen has developed black spots, vertical lines, small dots, unusually bright pixels, fading, distorted shading, or color issues, you may be able to use the warranty. Be sure to have your purchase receipt, and take note of the model number and serial number on the back of your TV. In case that your warranty has expired, you might contact us with any questions related to your TV repairs.

Second: If your flat-screen TV has the dreaded vertical lines, half of the screen has turned darker, the screen is cracked, or the screen is broken, this can be repaired but may cost more than you paid for the complete TV. If your screen is cracked or broken, you can try replacing the screen, LCD, Plasma, or LED part.

If your TV screen is cracked and damaged, it is mean that you have damaged the LCD, LED or Plasma display. If this is your case, we, at the Nerd Repair Center do not recommend fixing the broken/cracked screen because it will cost you more to repair your TV than to replace it with a new one.  I know this is no the answer you were looking to hear, unfortunately, this way we will save you a lot of time and money in the process. please note that this is the nerd repair center professional recommendation based on years of tv repair service experience.

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  2. I bought a 75″ inch ONN. TV from Walmart. I turned on my TV after work and it looked like my TV had been hit and wouldn’t turn on. What is my best option? I bought it 6 days ago.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am looking for new or good used/2nd hand LED/LCD/Plasma TV motherboards for Skyworth/Sinotec/LG or Samsung.

  4. I have a 75 inch tv that my husband just accidently cracked part of the screen. It still works but their is a small section that does not. I was wondering how much it would coat to fix

  5. My daughter knock my flat screen over accidentally and the inside screen is damage on the inside not outside of the screen. Will it be expensive to repair? It’s a Samsung 42”

  6. I have A mixture of A menu TV guide and lines I was Replacing The main power board , When Discover This, I Had Open It Up And Looks Like. It Is Ok Put Looks Like A scratch And. with A damp areas. Where The Scratch is
    can you Please Advice me What Too Do ??? even if You Know where I Can Purchase A good used Screen ???? Thank You Its For A RCA model 55″ RTU5540-B MY. PHONE 631 522. 5478

  7. I have a 85inch tv with a crack in it how much will it cost to get fix I tried Samsung they charge $690 just to look and 1116. To fix that’s not right I haven’t had the tv for a year they say 3 year built in warranty don’t cover at her the purchase I don’t know what to do I’m sad I don’t have that kind of money to give away at all it’s sad when you can’t get no help from the source I’ve been waiting on Samsung since9-4-2021

  8. I can’t believe how hard it is finding these screens. Unbelievable. I can’t speak for everyone but if you are just a little bit tech savvy, replacing panels in tv’s (Outside of plasma) is nowhere near as complicated as the pros lead one to believe. It’s just a ploy in my opinion to keep consumers consuming. It is downright environmentally irresponsible to toss a whole tv into a landfill over one single replacement part. Especially if you have the talent to bypass the overcharging service techs. I have already carefully removed my cracked screen from the chassis. Darn near did it with my eyes closed. My tv is prepped on the bench ready for a replacement panel. IF I COULD JUST FIND ONE!!!
    Question: If you spent 500 bucks on a tv and the screen gets broken, how does that one piece; (that already came with all the other pieces of the tv) cost more than another WHOLE tv??? That makes no sense!!! Most people when replacing their damaged tv’s upgrade to a more expensive one. The experts know this and this is the trick. $$$$$ I want to fix the tv I already own.

  9. If this is your case, then it may cost more to repair your TV than to replace it. There may be some LCD LED PLASMA TV repair shops near you that can answer some questions for you. Some flat screen repair shops do not repair broken screens as the cost is not worth it.

  10. Hi do you guys know where I can get a generic screen for a Samsung 50” tizen tv model # UN50TU7000FXZA? There is a crack on the inside of the tv which the display is only showing 1/3 of the screen.

  11. So i got a free tv from my job site so i have no warranty on it but it has a cracked screen from 2 points is it possible to get the screen replaced?

    • If the Screen is creaked or damaged we do not recommend fixing it, but if you can find a replacement screen then go for it. We just think it would be cheaper to replace it.

  12. So. Our TVs has lines, and we have geek squad protection. I had a phone call last night where they asked for a picture and said it looks like physical damage, which it absolutely was not. It was literally hanging on the wall, I was watching Sunday’s night episode of the rookie (Monday evening, a little before 7) when i walked out of the room to check on my son in another room, leaving the room empty and came back to lines everywhere. My husband took it down and moved to our garage so that we could move our bedroom tv in the living room temporarily (we don’t have the legs for the so we needed the wall mount)
    What do y’all advise.?
    I still requested they come out because I know there was no physical damage and feel like they are trying to get out of replacing or repairing it….. but I’m at a lose and don’t want to be Defeated because I’m clueless about electronics AND warranties.

    • if it has lines this problem is mainly caused by a defect on the screen, if was not caused by physical or liquid damage than the manufacture/ geek squad should cover the repair or replacement if is still under warranty. If it’s outside of warranty then check if your credit card company will cover it or go through your home owner insurance to cover the replacement.
      just to let you know if the Screen is defective then it will be cheaper to replace the tv than to fix it.

  13. I have a 50 element TV that has the screen cracked but still functional can you tell me if it can be fixed and how or where . It was my boston terrier that nock it down. Thank you 😊 I will appreciate

  14. I have a brand new LG 86 in. 75 Series NanoCell 4K HDR Smart TV with AI ThinQ 86NANO75UPA with half the screen working and the other half looks like it got hit how expensive would it be to fix it or can I sell it for parts?

  15. Bought a 65 inch Insignia TV from Best Buy 17 days ago. I turned it on last night and there were lines down the middle. Can I still get a replacement outside of the return policy ?

    • take it to a repair shop and have them diagnose it, if it was a physical issue or screen issue. the physical is not normally covered under warranty but manufacture defects are.

  16. I have a Sharp TV. Screen went out. So I bought a new mother board and power supply. TV still won’t turn on. Any thoughts on why it won’t power up. Only thing it does the power light flashes.

  17. I have 2 RCA 40″ led TVs. Different model numbers. One has a built in dvd player.
    One has a cracked screen. The other has audio issues. Randomly cutting out for a few seconds.
    Can I put the good screen fro one into the other?

  18. I have a LCD smart tv the screen got cracked is it possible to take the insides of that tv and transfer them to another LCD tv that isn’t a smart tv? The smart tv with the cracked screen is a ONN Roku LCD tv. And the other LCD tv is a Sony if that helps.

  19. I pickup Flat screen’s all the time. can i take a good screen from one TV and repair a cracked screen with it. i understand there several things would have to line up

  20. Hellow, I have a 40″ FHD LED TV, the brand is Starvision.
    I threw a container of water and it had hit the screen resulting to spread ink on it.
    Please help me how to fix it instead of buying.

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