Lithium Ion Battery Pack Service and Repair

Lithium ION Battery Repair


Repair cost Start at $100 for labor and cell balancing.

We can repair most lithium battery packs by removing the broken cells and installing new ones then re-balancing the remaining cells. This is  achieved by using low voltage balance charger. The low voltage charger can charge from 1 AH up to 10 AH from 3 volts up to 23 volts. This allows us to charge almost any type of lithium cell.

We also source and replace B.M.S’s this is the battery management system that is responsible for the balancing out the energy in the cells for optimum performance.

Bring your battery to us today for free diagnostics.


E-Bike Conversion Kits 

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We offer a verity of E-bike kits that can fit any budget and Rider skill lever. Wither off road or on road we can order and build any E-bike conversion kit.


Lithium Battery Warranty:  30 days  guarantee on batteries with BMS purchased from us.

Custom build E-bikes start at $1500 depending on the buyer specification and a non refundable deposit of $500.

We offer one year on  E-bike parts installed by us. This include electric motor  and battery

TIPS: How to care for E-bike batteries

Avoid Extreme Temperatures – Extreme temperature conditions put additional stress on lithium ion batteries. Exposure to extreme temperatures may result in irreversible decreased capacity and battery life cycle. Avoid storing and charging your battery in extreme temperatures. Instead, charge and store your battery in a moderate temperature area.

Recommended storage temperatures are 32F – 77F. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme heat, 104F + for long periods of time.

Extended Storage of a Lithium Battery – If you will not be riding your electric bike for an extended period of time it is a good idea to store your lithium battery with a full charge. At the 3 month point, check the state of charge and recharge to top it off if necessary.

Avoid Humidity – Store your bike, battery and charger in a location that is dry. Water and humidity are not good for any electrical device.