how to check if your hard drive is going Bad

How to check the health of your hard drive
How to check if your hard drive is dead

All computers some type of Hard drive for storage of your personal data, so we need to ensure the drives are always operational. the first step to troubleshoot if your hard drive is dead is when your computer is booting up and you get a no boot device found. this normally means your motherboard cannot find a drive with an operating system installed. This is normally caused by the boot sector or boot partition accessible which means that the hard drive has some kind of fault. so this error is only fixed by installing a new drive and reinstalling the operating system.

now these are the signs to look for is your hard drive is not dead but the health is failing.
first when the computer boots up and you get an S.M.A.R.t disk error. this normally happens when a system event is triggered on the drive itself signaling that the drive is has encountered a critical error and drive failer is near. after a smart disk error you should allways try to image/copy the data over to a new drive before its too late.
another problem is when your computer is booting slowly, slow booting could be because the computer is having problems reading the data from the drive leading longer read time. with this step you would need to run a third part software to check if your drive has and errors or drive warnings.
we at nerd repair center normally use the HD Tune trial to get the smart data and find out the drive health.
once the software has be installed all need to is check the status and if there are any warnings the its time to replace the drive.

How to fix your TV if it has a Cracked or Broken screen

If you are reading this, you may have accidentally or intentionally damaged the screen of your TV (Qled, Oled LCD, LED, Plasma). Now if you are looking for a solution to fix this problem, check out our recommendations:

First: If your TV does not have a cracked screen and the problem has just appeared on its own, you may be able to fall back on the TV manufacturer’s warranty. If your TV screen has developed black spots, vertical lines, small dots, unusually bright pixels, fading, distorted shading, or color issues, you can use the warranty. Be sure to have your purchase receipt, and take note of the model number and serial number on the back of your TV. If your warranty has expired, you might contact us with any questions about your TV repairs.

Second: If your flat-screen; TV has the dreaded vertical lines, half of the screen has turned darker, the screen is cracked, or the screen is broken, this can be repaired but may cost more than you paid for the complete TV. If your screen is cracked or broken, you can try replacing the screen, LCD, Plasma, or LED panel.

Conclusion: If your TV screen is cracked and damaged, it means that you have damaged the LCD, LED, or Plasma display. If this is your case, we, at the Nerd Repair Center do not recommend fixing the broken/cracked screen because it will cost you more to repair your TV than to replace it with a new one.  I know this is not the answer you were looking to hear, unfortunately, this way we will save you a lot of time and money in the process. please note that this is the nerd repair center professional recommendation based on 15 years of Television repair service experience. 

Damaged ports and slots in laptops

Whether you have a broken glass, broken LCD, charging problems or your tablet won’t turn on, bring it to us. We are professional and qualified to carry out such repairs to get it fixed up at the earliest. By using the highest quality replacement parts, we make sure that your device will work like new. We replace only those parts that are required to be replaced and will not burden you with the cost of repair that your tablet do not need. We work on all leading tablets of different brands.
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Replacing laptop and TV screens

Our aim is to offer outstanding services straight to your home or to your office to conduct repair works or troubleshoot your computer. Out expert staff will pay attention to your needs and offer you the best consultation and advice on managing your computer well. We do this even if we find that your computer does not need any repair work. Our aim to minimize the problem from reoccurring and offers you low cost repair work that is essential for your computer needs.
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Magnets and electric devices – Lost data

This is the reason why it is important to approach a professional to unlock your phone so that you can use the cheapest and the best sim card in the device. We can unlock all makes and models of phone quickly and efficiently. This is also beneficial if you are visiting another country and want to use local sim card to avoid expensive roaming charges. No matter what the reasons may be, we are here to offer you the unlock phone services at the most competitive price in the market.
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Noisy computers and common hardware problems

When it comes to the First and Second generation of the iPhone, you have to first take out the SIM tray with a small paperclip. Then remove the screws on both sides of the charging spot and take off the back cover using a little force. Detach the ribbon cable that connects the case to the motherboard and remove the display panel using a spudger. The motherboard had to removed after you have located and removed about 8 screws and a “4” ribbon cable.
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The effect of dust and dirt on electronics

From solving your networking problem, hardware problems or software problems for your desktop, PC or your MAC, to tuning up, installing software, virus detection and even cleaning, our expert computer repair professionals will be happy to answer all your questions about computer repair and maintenance, so that you always have someone to call in case of any problem even if it during the odd hours.
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